Custom-built, world-class Corrosion Coupons from India

Crystal's Corrosion coupons from India are an efficient tool for quantitatively estimating the corrosion rates occurring in an operating system. They also provided a visual indicator of the type of corrosion possibly occurring in the system being monitored.

-It's basically a piece of metal of a predetermined size, shape and surface area
-It's a metal with a specific chemical composition that matches that of the process equipment
-It offers a uniform reproducible surface finish
-It has a unique serial number
-It is exposed to the identical corrosive medium as the process equipment
-It is exposed to the corrosive medium for a specific period of time
-It provides a visual indicator of the type of corrosion
-It indicates the rate at which corrosion is occuring

Every corrosion coupon from Crystal Industrial is stamped with an identifying serial number, and also, every coupon order is delivered with a written certification document that includes: serial number, the material it's made from, its weight and its dimensions.

All Crystal coupons are weighed to an accuracy of up to four (4) decimal places, packed individually in vapour phase inhibited envelopes and sealed hermetically to offer a one (1) year shelf life.

Crystal standard coupons are grit-blasted and in addition to this, they are furnished with insulation for mounting. Mounting hardware is provided along with the coupon holder. Coupons are available in variants of Polished, Ground or Weld bead.

Crystal manufactures Corrosion Coupons using any material or dimension as per client's request. Material may be supplied by the customer to match an existing system.

World-class Corrosion Coupons

We make custom-manufactured Corrosion Coupons to meet unique requirements of your processes.

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Extensively documented

Crystal's Corrosion Coupons offer extensive documentation and process information.

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Common Questions about Corrosion Coupons

Check out the frequently asked questions about Corrosion Coupons answered here.

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Global Support for Corrosion Coupons

Crystal's team of engineers offer global support for our Corrosion Coupons, anywhere in the world.

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