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Corrosion Coupons

Welcome to world-class corrosion-coupons suppliers from India

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Strip Coupon
Strip Coupon
19 mm wide commonly strip coupons are supplied for most evaluations. The size is 76.2mm x 19mm x 3.2mm with two mounting holes, and the exposed surface area is 3000 mm2.
Disc coupons
Disc coupons
These circular coupons are used where coupons cannot protrude into the line and interfere with flow or pig passage. Standard size is Ø 31.8mm x 3.2mm. A hole allows for mounting with flathead screw and back-up disc insulation. The exposed surface area is 1,548mm2.
Rod Coupons
Rod Coupons
This pencil-like coupon is screwed into an insulator which then is screwed into an NPT plug Coupon Holder. The rod coupon standard size is Ø 6.3mm x 101.6mm. One end is threaded for screwing the coupon into the insulator. The exposed surface area is 2,109mm2.
Access Fitting
Access Fitting
Access Fittings are specialized piping arrangements which allow internal access to production plant vessels and pipework operating under full process conditions. The corrosion monitoring industry standard for access systems like these is based on a 2-inch nominal bore design.

We make custom-manufactured corrosion coupons to meet unique requirements of your processes...     MORE

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Welcome to world-class Corrosion Coupons from Crystal Industrial from India

Crystal's Corrosion coupons from India are an efficient tool for quantitatively estimating the corrosion
rates occurring in an operating system. They also
offer a visual indication of the type of corrosion
that may be occurring in the system being monitored.


  • Is essentially a piece of metal of a predetermined size, shape and surface area
  • Is a metal with chemical composition that's identical to that of the process equipment
  • Provides a uniform reproducible surface finish
  • Has a unique serial number
  • Is exposed to the same corrosive medium as the
    process equipment
  • Is exposed to the corrosive medium for a fixed period of time
  • Gives visual indication of the type of corrosion
  • Indicates the rate of corrosion


Every Crystal coupon is stamped with an identifying serial number, and every coupon order is delivered with written certification that includes : serial number, material made from, weight and dimensions.

All Crystal coupons are weighed to up to four (4) decimal places, packaged individually in vapour phase inhibited envelopes and sealed hermetically to offer a one (1) year shelf life.

Crystal standard coupons are grit-blasted and besides, they are furnished with insulation for mounting. Mounting hardware is provided along with the coupon holder. Coupons are available in options of Polished, Ground or Weld bead.

Crystal Coupons are manufactured from any material and dimension as per client's request. Material may be supplied by the customer to match an existing system.


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